Regular Savings

A basic savings account with a small minimum balance requirement that earns you interest. The perfect account to build your rainy day fund with easy access.

Money Market

The Money Market Account is an attractive interest bearing savings account with tiered rates of interest and limited check writing privileges.

A tiered interest structure is in place for this savings account with a minimum balance of $2,500.00.

Fees may reduce earnings.

This account is not accessible by ATM or Debit Card.

Health Savings Account

Individuals or employers with a High Deductible Health Plan qualify to contribute. Contributions can be used to pay health expenses on a tax-preferred basis or to accumulate wealth for retirement on a tax-preferred basis.

If you are self-employed or a sole proprietor, you are an ideal candidate for an HSA. High deductible health insurance plans generally have modest premium costs, and may be an effective cost-containment mechanism for the employer.

The HSA may serve the dual purpose of providing for both medical and retirement expenses.